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General Care

  • Do not place in direct sunlight, too close to a heater or air conditioner as it may cause rapid fading or dry out the leather
  • Never drag furniture along the floor – this can damage the legs
  • Rotate seat and back cushions regularly
  • Do not sit on the arms of your sofas
  • Only use recommended care products – consult the store of purchase
  • Vacuum weekly to avoid dirt and body moisture build up
  • Minor spills – quickly blotted with absorbent towel or clean damp cloth before it is absorbed excessively
  • For tough stains consult a professional cleaning company

Fabric Care
Always refer to the fabric care label that is provided before attempting to clean. Fabrics vary in composition, so cleaning instructions will vary depending on the fabric type. Our fabric warranties are covered by the fabric suppliers, not Molmic.

  • If a thread becomes loose DO NOT PULL IT simply cut it off. Avoid sharp objects as this may snag threads (rings, belts etc)
  • We recommend that furniture with removable covers are cleaned while still on the sofa to minimize shrinking (For considerations – show diagrams how to properly remove the covers)
  • Molmic Washable covers – Molmic only promote a selection of fabrics that are specially pre-shrunk so they can be washed and dried in your regular machine at home.  If you own an Alicia or Zodiac here are some handy hints on washing your covers
    Wash at 60 degrees or dry clean. Wash dark colours separately. Tumble dry, Steam iron on reverse of fabric.Avoid washing powders/liquids that contain optical brighteners. For further information please contact the sales team on 1300 812 413

Leather Care

  • Use a leather conditioner to maintain the appearance and keep the leather soft and supple
  • Leather is a natural product so variations in colour and texture may occur. Scars scratches and grains are natural characteristics of leather
  • Removing spills use a soft damp cloth
  • Wipe over weekly with a soft cloth to remove dust and dirt. Avoid using detergents or other domestic cleaning agents on your leather sofa

Sofa Beds

  • Mattress should be rotated monthly
  • Do not move the sofa while the bed is open as this may cause the mechanism to be pulled out of alignment
  • Don’t close the bed with any sheets/pillows/blankets inside
  • Do not sit or stand on the head or foot of the bed

Accessory range
Lacquered & Timber finishes

  • Clean with a soft clean cloth
  • Protect surface when placing hot items onto surface
  • Avoid spilling nail polish remover, solvent or alcohol as this may stain the surface
  • Chrome & Metal finishes
  • Dust surface regularly to prevent rust
  • Avoid sharp or hard objects as this may cause scratches
  • Glass
  • Use regular glass cleaner with a soft cloth
  • Protect surface when placing hot items onto surface
  • Avoid sharp or hard objects as this may cause scratches

Cushion Care

All fibre and feather cushions need maintenance, here are some helpful hints on maintiaining your fibre cushions

Step1 - Put the cushion on its side. Push down on the centre of the cushion as far as you can. This allows for the air to get between the fibre.

Step 2 - Rotate the cushion 180 degrees and push down same as in the previous step.

Step 3 - Now that the air has been distributed throughout the cushion pat down in the top and bottom to leave a perfect seat.

Note: It is also a good idea to rotate your seat and back cushions occasionally no matter what the insert. This is why on most Molmic sofas seat and back cushions are made reversible (fabric on both back and front).



Croc Locks

  • Croc locks are to prevent modular pieces moving apart and sliding around on timber floors
  • Croc locks do not come standard with all purchases, please check with you retailer when purchasing
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