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“This couch is my single favourite purchase in recent months and I look forward to stoking our fireplace and relaxing on my couch in Canberra’s cold winter months.” Steve, recent Molmic customer

For different people, a couch is variously a holder of great promise, a source of relaxation, a vault of fond memories. 

But ultimately, our customers tell us it’s the place they want to ‘collapse at the end of the day’.

That says a couch is about comfort.  Simple.  Yet, to create simplicity often takes enormous effort and painstaking attention to detail. 

At Molmic we are intimately connected with suspension systems, lumbar support and ergonomic design.  We know our foams, fibres and cushions like they are old friends.

Our couches are the ultimate in comfort and durability because we make sure to understand what is important to each individual customer and how each component material behaves.

Comfort is a very personal issue and Molmic takes a very personal approach.  We make sure our furniture fits our customers – quite literally.  That means crafting the right height and depth so your head is well rested and your feet can touch the floor.  If that’s what you want of course.

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