Over 20 years ago, Molly and Michael McMahon became passionate about having the perfect couch, so much so that Molly went out and learned the craft with her own two hands.

Today that dedication to perfection still exists within all parts of the business, as does an obsession with creating the perfect style, feel and spaces to suit our clients’requirements.



Manufacturing Excellence // Timing // Personal Care and Craftsmanship // Flexibility and Customisation // Service

As a trusted collaborator within the architectural and design community, Molmic has the expertise, innovation and process to help each project succeed. Working closely with architects, designers, technicians and suppliers, Molmic can provide a complete solutions package or can assist with segments of a project to bring a space to life. Molmic’s extensive industry experience means that they can provide distinctive and practical solutions to showcase architectural design, on time and within budget. Being the manufacturers, we have a deep understanding and complete control of the design and manufacturing process for our furniture. This enables us to work with flexibility and intelligence as a part of the design and project team, from collaborating on design to communicating technical specifications.

High quality frames with hardwood placed in stress areas are manufactured
in house. Precision-cut frame elements. ! Interlocking and mortis joins used. Hand-sprung steel suspension. Partnerships with quality fabric suppliers with proven quality materials and delivery/ Materials cut and managed to avoid dye lot variation. All sewing in-house by highly qualified machinists to maintain high quality standards.

Molmic is known for flexibility and service to create the perfect piece for a space. Molmic is able to customise every element of a piece, working hand-in-hand with designers to tailor shapes, materials, finishes and technical specifications. They are able to rapidly prototype products using in-house designers and master craftsmen to create and enable custom couches, chairs, ottomans and now, beds.

A fast, efficient manufacturer, Molmic is
able to turn around production within a short time-period, with several advantages for commercial customers.
1. Immediate turn-around from samples
to production.
2. Delivery turn-around 4-8 weeks shorter than off-shore alternatives.
3. Shorter delivery time frames means shorter cash outlay.
4. Changes, tweaks or repairs can be done with immediacy using Molmic’s very efficient customer service team.