Handmade in Melbourne, Australia                                                     







Any major event takes lots of drive, energy, investment and focus and it takes the effort of all parts for it to come to fruition and be successful.


From planning, design and concept to development, from raw material sourcing and prototype to production, from frame assembly, fabric cutting and logistics, quality control to photography, from marketing and graphic design, point of sale to internal sales and external sales teams and back, the participation and care from every touchpoint and member of the teams is needed for the success of any project.  Can’t have a film without the cast and crew!







A big thankyou to everyone involved at every touchpoint!  Front and back of house at Molmic and at Lounge DF including the Boyd Blue Team. 

We would like to also express a big thankyou to the DEN Fair team lead by Tibault Cau-Cecile.  Your vision and attention to detail in putting together a truly world class trade event is highly praiseworthy. DEN Fair allows us to showcase to a growing number of visitors the skill and talent on offer in this country.    







We thank all our visitors too, without you an event like DEN Fair would not be possible.  The feedback from visitors to our stand was very positive, Proudly we could promote the fact that we are designed and made locally in Australia.







Our latest new releases Cypress, Dune, Parker and Bento were loved by many and we look forward to further building relationships with our existing customers and working with and providing great products to new clients too.

Hope you enjoyed the fair and we look forward to working together soon….


Warmest regards,

Brand Creative Director