Handmade in Melbourne, Australia                                                     

The year is well underway, our annual summer break now seems like a distant memory
as we enter the Autumn / Winter season for 2017.
Here at Molmic we look forward to an exciting and inspiring year ahead
and celebrating our 30th year!With so much constant change in the air it’s important to surround yourself with the
creature comforts of home, as we continue our desire to make our surroundings reflect
our personality and tell a story.With our 2017 mood directions we play on texture and colour.
There’s always a place for

Indigo moods but we warm it back with tan and natural.
Sophisticated lounging sees the release of our new Bradman model
at David Jones, blending fabrics and highlighting with leather.

Mustard reflects wellness and energy whilst Old Rose features on designs
like Coogee, which extends from our popular Blush tones on 2016 release Rydell.

Our key statement includes the Pantone colour of green, be it emerald or hunter,
using textures like velvet and chenille.  We blend this back with tans or blacks in leather
on models like Ridley chairs, Hudson and Herbert.

Nothing is more inviting than the relaxed appeal of loose cover designs,
be it provincial or coastal inspired. We showcase a new cover for our lovable Alicia design
and textured linen for Sherman, bringing in
Botanic accents in pops of gorgeous colour.

The launch of Molmic Sofa Galleries around the country continues to
be rolled out as we welcome those on board.  This in store concept allows customers
to experience the Molmic brand in a trusted retail environment.  Along with great product selection
our consultants have been busy updating product knowledge and information in store.

Access 2017 sampling has arrived along with the latest Access brochure
Featured below is new imagery on our Alpine sofa 1arm and chaise design
covered in one of the new fabrics in the Access range.


Trade events for 2017  We continue to support the local Australian Made Furnishing in Focus show coming up
on the 4th and 5th May. 

We are also exhibiting at DEN Fair 2017 for the third
consecutive year and look forward to catching up with all our valued clients again on the 8th to 10th June. 

Be sure to pencil these dates in your diary!