We celebrate our 30th year of making the most loved sofas in Australia with a feature written by Jen Bishop from the Interiors Addict Blog. Jen shares a beautiful write up on some of the most loved sofas in our collection, aswell as the foundations of our family business.

“Not many businesses can say they’ve been designing and hand making upholstered furniture in Australia for three decades but family business Molmic can. In a market crowded with cheap, mass produced imports, this Melbourne brand has proven that people are still prepared to pay for craftmanship, customisation and quality. And even better, they make everything right here.

When you consider their longevity, it’s amazing to learn that founders Molly and Michael (yup, you can guess where the name Molmic comes from now!) McMahon fell into furniture designing and manufacturing by chance. With the combination of her background in children’s clothing and his technical engineering skills, they wanted to create a business together which was completely new and challenging.”

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