Q: You’ve said Elegant Muse is a range you designed through your love of classics and wanting to create a timeless range, can you elaborate?

A: I have always loved the glamour and elegance of the Hollywood era from the 20’s to the 50’s.  Everything was tailored, classically simple and refined and has endured the test of time.  I wanted my range to have all those elements and still feel like they will fit seamlessly within a variety of interior design styles past and present.


Q: Elegant Muse is an 8-piece collection, did you struggle to narrow it down to 8 pieces?
A: I wanted the range to be many things but most of all, versatile so instead of creating lots of pieces I wanted this to be a core collection.

A: Clooney and Sinatra couches can be three or four-seater couches with or without a ‘love chaise’ (the chaise is wide enough for two people which not many chaises can do).

Grace is a petite banquette seating that can sit in a lounge, at an entry or in a bay window and just by changing the density of the seating it becomes a banquette seat for a dining table.

Audrey is an elegant chair that can be a pair in a lounge or a feature chair in any room while the statement chair

Cary, which is the wide of a 1 ½ chair just as well as a piece to curl up and watch the TV, read a book in the study or have a child next to you for a cuddle or an alternative to a nursing chair in a nursery.

Taylor is a glamorous daybed that can work in a master suite as a feature, a sunroom as a lounging piece but also a permanent chaise in a TV room.

Ferrante and Golightly may just look like an ottoman but the structure and cushioning is done so it can be a footstool, side or coffee table with a tray on it or as extra seating in a room.

There may only be eight pieces in the range but the versatility in each piece makes it a collection with numerous possibilities for every room in the house.


Q: You’ve chosen a beautiful colour palette for your collection with snow whites, and calming blues- where did you draw your inspiration from when deciding the colours and how easy is it for people to incorporate these pieces into their homes?

A: I wanted the fabrics to work in with the trend colours of today with the grey’s and pop colours but it was just as important I had some warmer neutral colours that work with period homes and casual environments. The feel of the fabrics were just as important as the colour selection as this is the contact and connection you will have with the piece on a daily basis. The form of the collection is very straight-lined and structured and I wanted the fabrics to balance this by making it feel like you were slipping into a well-worn suit that made you feel comfortable every time you put it on. The range has four different fabrics from a soft felt, a fine linen , a robust weave and a stunning aged leather. Each type of fabric is soft, comfortable and long wearing.


Q: Can you tell us more about the beautiful stitching detail which is a signature on each of the pieces?

A: It was important for me to have an element of the design that was unique to the range that will be it recognisable to stand out from the rest. The stitching is my reference to the structure of fashion, like the stitching of a well-made suit and wearing its construction on the outside. It was also essential the back of the range was a feature, so the pieces could sit comfortably in any open plan living space without owners feeling like they had to hide the back of the sofa or chair


Q: How involved were you in the creative process?

A: On my first meeting with Molmic I explained the type of range I wanted to create and what the essence of it would be and once I had their confidence I then went back and sketched shapes and details to try and bring my concept to life. I produced the drawings on our second meeting and Molmic developed the blueprints for the designs. I knew the fabrics I wanted, the angles, the sizes and the importance the balance between structure, function and comfort. Then it was a case of Molmic sourcing the fabrics from their suppliers that would fit my brief, as these fabrics are the key to making the stitching work. Then Molmic went into pattern making and construction and the next step was the ‘sit’ test. It was like goldilocks trying out her perfect chair. Molmic was able to put together different depths, heights and cushioning so we could get the perfect feel for the range. To me this part of the collaboration was incredibly important to the success of the range that will make these pieces that will stay in peoples homes for decades.


Q: Molmic is 100% Australian made, how important is it for you to support Australian manufacturing?

A: Supporting Australian designers and manufacturers is high on my priority list and working with a company that has such a huge respect in the design and furnishings industry makes me incredibly proud. Australian made furniture has a focus on quality and that was incredibly important to me, as it is Molmic.


Q: You’ve got a new book out, Design With Colour and Style, will we be seeing the beautiful collection featured in the pages?

A: Well, Audrey sits pride of place on the cover for a start and as I styled every shot myself I was able to scatter the whole range throughout the book. It is incredibly satisfying to be able to use Elegant Muse showing how it works in different design styles and colour ranges.


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